Domain Name Services

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Domain Name Services

A Domain name service (DNS) is the application service that translates the IP address into a more recognized and memorable name. Whenever using the internet, there are millions of DNS servers that translate any uniform resource locator (URL) typed into the location field of any web browser into a specific IP address.

Why is it Important To Have A Domain Name For Your Business?

Using a high-value domain for both your website and your company’s email address helps establish authority, credibility, and professionalism, both online and offline. Owning your own premium domain name ensures your customers will notice you for being a credible, legitimate, and established business and as a result, trust you much more easily.

A lot of premium domains already receive a decent share of traffic, this traffic primarily comes from direct-type in or referral traffic. To put it simply, direct type-in traffic means that someone searching for a specific product decides to bypass the search engine by typing in a keyword of the product they want directly into their browser.

Referral traffic normally comes from links from other websites. Plenty of premium domains is aged and come with a large number of backlinks resulting in a higher amount of quality traffic

Premium domains are also an investment in your brand and they will protect it too. They improve search engine rankings, generate traffic and they are virtual assets that increase in value over time.


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