Low Carbon Website Design

Reducing your carbon footprint has never been easier.

Low Carbon Website Design is a great way to reduce carbon footprint.

The Internet has a very real impact on the environment, even if we can’t see it. Energy consumption and emissions from the internet are huge. In fact, all in all, the global internet uses more electricity than the whole of the United Kingdom. This translates into a lot of emissions which have a detrimental effect on the state of our current climate.

Low carbon websites offer a solution to this fast-growing problem, they work to minimize the page weight. A lighter page weight entails removing old fonts, removing filler images, and videos that autoplay.

When data loads onto a website, the loading process directly impacts emissions through server load and data transfer, when this is reduced, so is the digital carbon footprint of the site. This is precisely what a low-carbon website is designed to do.

Aside from the main benefits outlined above, the other benefits include faster loading times which will help to boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). And a new, cleaner, low-carbon website will offer a more enhanced experience for users with limited internet access.

It’s not just the planet that will thank you for switching to low carbon websites, your website visitors will find your site more sophisticated, slick, and more user-friendly, which, in turn, can play an important role in return on investment.

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