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All About Brightwork

OutBeyondThePines is a Brightwork project with the aim to plant 100,000 Trees by the end of 2022! We plan to donate a percentage of our profits to the project to help combat climate change. We are partnering with Ecologi to help achieve the goal.

Gross Tree Cover Loss By Ecozone (Millions Hectares)


Trees Planted


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Our Team

Ben Ravetta


Ben Ravetta is the creative source of Brightwork. Often seeing him styling a bobble hat (as seen above), his influence is unmatched. With an avid interest in photography and digital marketing, he is always thinking of new ideas.


Professional Stick Chaser & Team Mascot

Margo is the team mascot and a very efficient chaser of sticks (and ducks). Her main roles at the company involve boosting team morale and improving mental health. She is also very good at napping and rolling around.

Chelsie May

Web Marketer

If being from Birmingham isn't difficult enough, Chelsie she overcomes all adversity by being an extremely hardworking and determined part of our Web Marketing team.

Leon Taylor

Web Designer

Leon is the main web designer within Brightwork. Being mentored by Ben himself, you will often find Leon developing websites. Coming from an IT background, Leon really has a passion for web design.

Mollie Harper

Content Writer

Mollie is Brightwork's leading Content Writer, producing the majority of the content you see on this website. If you don't recognise her from our blogs then you probably will from her gigs, singing her heart out on stages.

Leonard Bell

Sales Team

Turning up on time isn't enough for Leo, often finding him with his eyes glued to the screen. Leo Bell is an influential part of our sales team. He is a driven and determined individual who has an avid interest in Social Marketing.