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We pride ourselves on being professional. One of our biggest investments was in ourselves. In 2018 we became a Nominet Accredited UK domain name registrar. That means you can trust us with your domain name services.

If you’re looking to backorder a UK domain name, look no further. Check out our simple price plans and sign up today.


Good for one off catches

£75 No Catch, No Fee
  • Free Transfers
  • No payment upfront
  • Post-sales support
  • Premium/SEO domains
Coming Soon

Good for one time catches, or small orders. There is no payment taken upfront, and if we aren’t successful — there’s no payment taken at all. No highly contested domain names.


Good for frequent catches

£750 Upto 12 Catches, renews monthly
  • Free Transfers
  • Renews Monthly
  • Paid upfront
  • No restriction and bulk orders
Coming Soon

Ideal for frequent orders with many catches. Upto 12 successful catches per month with no restrictions. After your 12th successful catch, subsequent orders are charged on a per case basis starting at £75


Signup and order

It's easy to signup and place your first order. Simply pick one of our price plans from above. Once you've set your account up, you'll be able to access the order page to input your domain(s).


We do the maths

Once you've placed your backorder(s), our specialist software will calculate the exact time and date your domain name is due to drop. When this date/time rolls around, we'll attempt to register it before anybody else.


The results are in

If we are successful in catching your domain, we'll raise an invoice for payment on your account. If we aren't successful, there's nothing to pay. If you pay monthly, win or lose it will count towards your monthly quota.

Enterprise backorder solutions & bespoke

Looking for a bespoke order?

Another FAQ Section

Stuff we get asked frequently

What is a domain name backorder anyway?

UK domain names that are expired or expiring and not being renewed by their existing owner, enter a period of deletion. When this period is over, the domain name is then dropped back into the public registry, where anybody can pick it up! However, some UK domain names are very sought after. Either for brand protection purposes, or for purposes of investment. This is where backorders come in.

You can place a backorder for an expiring domain name. On the day the domain name is due to drop back into the registry, specialist software will automatically try and register your domain name before any other entity.

When will my domain name drop?

Nominet now publishes the date and time a domain name will drop back into the registry here. Look for the expiry time and date.

What if my backorder is already booked by someone else?

If we successfully catch your domain name and someone else other than you has backordered it too, it will enter a short 3 day auction on DomainLore. The start price will be set at £50.

Where can I find expiring UK domain names to backorder?

Nominet now publishes droplists of expiring domain names on their website here

Do you publish a list of domains you have caught in the past?

We do publish some of our catches publicly here. However, a lot of our clients wish for their catches to remain anonymous and aren't included here.

What happens after you catch my domain?

When we successfully catch a domain name we will register to under our Nominet tag BRIGHTWORK. We’ll then transfer it into your tegistrant details and it will be available in our client area.

From there, you’ll be able to control the domain name directly. Including transferring the domain name out to a different registrar*. 

You can also take advantage of our domain name management service.

* 3rd party registrars may charge a transfer fee


How can I check on the status of my order?

You can manage your orders in our client area. Checking on your status isn't necessary, as when your order completes you will be notified by email on its outcome.

Do unsuccessful catches count toward my monthly quota?

Yes. You get 12 allocations per month on our monthly plan. Whether successful or not, each chase counts toward your monthly quota. However, if we are successful in catching your domain, although it will count toward your quote — you won't pay anything extra.

Can I cancel the monthly plan?

Yes you can cancel your monthly plan at anytime. But please note that if you cancel at any point throughout the month, refunds are not possible. You will, however, still have access to your account until the billing period ends, at which point your plan will be cancelled.

Do you offer a trial?

We don't offer trials of our monthly plan, but if you wish to try our service we suggest ordering a single catch first.