Backorder UK Domains

If the domain you want is taken, you can place a backorder with us, and we’ll try and register it for you when it expires. 

Don't settle for anything less than great.

The domain you want might not be available. But sometimes, the person owning it might not want it anymore and may let it expire. 

A backorder can help you get a domain under this circumstance. We’ve helped secure hundreds of premium domain names via backorders.

Same Day Transfer

Your domain name is quickly and easily transferred to you the same day.

Rapid 24/7 Polling

Our software is super fast and runs a low level language. It polls 24/7 until your domain name is caught or missed.

No Win, No Fee

No win, no fee basis. £75 on successful catch, exc. VAT. £100 for sought after domains

Trusted Registrar

We're trusted by hundreds of customers, and are an accredited registrar with Nominet.


You can book a backorder using the button above, or by booking from the client area.

Sometimes, the domain name you want is not available and is owned by someone else. When this happens, you can place a backorder on the domain name. 

When/if the domain name expires, we will poll the domain name until it drops. Our software will then rapidly try to register it before anybody else.

You can place a backorder at any time. But if the domain name is not expiring, our software will not poll it.

On the day the domain name enters its final 24 hour period before dropping, we will attempt to catch it.

If your backorder has already been booked by someone else, if we successfully catch it, it will enter a short 3 day auction. The start price will be set at our standard catch price of £75.

When we successfully catch your domain name and register it, we’ll transfer it into your details and it will be available in your client area.

From there, you’ll be able to control the domain name directly. Including transferring the domain name out to a different registrar*. 

You can also take advantage of our domain name management service.

* transfer fees may apply

When you order a domain backorder through Brightwork, you’ll be sent a confirmation email confirming your order. When your domain name drops, you will be notified by email on its outcome.

We recommend using, they offer 24 hours droplist for free. Nominet are currently discussing plans to provide their own official droplists. We will update this section when they do.