How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Using Google Ads

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How to drive traffic to your website

One of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website is to use Google Ads, this specific type of ad can help you generate more traffic no matter how high up the ladder you are in your search engine optimization process. Both new and existing companies can find many benefits to using Google Ads by allowing businesses to push new products, deals, and promotions in a timely fashion.

Here are some tips to help you drive more traffic to your online store with Google Ads.

1. Add Google Shopping To Your Traffic Strategy

Did you know that shopping campaigns account for as many as 60% of Google Ad clicks? If your business is an E-Commerce, you’ll be missing out on plenty of opportunities if you’re not running Google Campaigns.

You should make sure the products you include in the campaign are as unique as possible, this is to keep your competition down to a minimum and the demand for your product as high as It can be. Consider including products that have higher profit margins, products that sell the best, and products consumers are likely to buy in bulk.

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2. Set Up Conversion Keyword Tracking

conversion tracking is a free Google Ads tool that tracks precisely which of your keywords from your marketing campaign are bringing in the most converted traffic to your website. The tool can also show what happens when a customer clicks your ad and how they are interacting with it.

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3. Tweak Your Language Targetting

Language targeting can help you reach out to customers who are bilingual. This is especially helpful if you want to expand your online presence. To communicate with customers more effectively, consider translating your adverts to other languages. Ensure your translations are accurate by hiring a freelance translator.

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4. Keep testing

Finding your niche for advertising can be trial and error, with this in mind, you have to be ready to be testing the success of your adverts continuously. By regularly reviewing your campaigns, and changing what could need to be tweaked, you’ll find what the magic formula is for your brand.

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5. Check your Delivery Method For Quicker Results

The delivery method is always set to default when you create a Google Ad campaign. The default delivery method means your adverts are distributed through the day according to your daily budget.

You can gain faster results by changing your campaign’s advanced settings to “accelerated” to drive traffic to your store more quickly. This is vital if your campaign involves special discounts and deals.

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