Twitter Spaces: Is Twitter The New (old) Clubhouse?

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What is Twitter Spaces?

Twitter has now added a new audio feature, very similar to the app Clubhouse. You are now eligible to host the audio-only groups if you are a Twitter user with 600 followers or more this is because people with a higher following are more likely to have a good experience using this feature with their following. Twitter spaces started in December last year and have been slowly expanding since, trickling out to more users.

Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse are very much similar in their function and design of it. The clubhouse was first out the gate however spaces had now already surpassed Clubhouse in many aspects according to some early users and testers. It is yet to be seen how the launch of Twitter Spaces will impact Clubhouses Popularity.

Listeners can be invited into space via link even if they do not follow you, this is because spaces are public and anyone can join as a listener, and up to 13 people, including the host and 2 co-hosts can speak at any given time.

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A scheduling feature will also become available for spaces, according to the twitter spaces team, this will allow you to promote and notify your followers ahead of time. Your followers will then be able to set a reminder to join your Space once it’s live, after you’ve scheduled a space and tweeted a link to it.

Twitter Spaces can also become great to integrate into your marketing strategy, of course, if you already have a solid Twitter marketing strategy. This won’t be a benefit if you don’t already have a strong foundation such as having genuine conversations with your followers, Once you have this Twitter spaces will be great for marketing your business.

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