10 Top WordPress Plugins To Improve Your Site Speed

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Why WordPress Plugins are effective.

Are you looking to speed up your WordPress site? speed is super important when your audience is looking at your site, most people can get fed up waiting for pages to load and expect faster results for them to be engaged.

I’ve got you covered with 10 WordPress plugins to speed up your site.

Let’s dive in.

1. WP Rocket

At 49$, WP Rocket is the one plugin that rules all the others for speed. As well as having all the functionality you’d expect, it also comes with a bunch of features you wouldn’t expect. Even better, it’s a very friendly user interface.

Some catching problems can be lengthy to learn and understand how to use them. For WP Rocket, this isn’t the case at all and makes the setup process really easy in comparison.

Some of its other features include page caching, image lazy loading, integrated google analytics, database optimization, and minimal tweaking required for speed improvements.

2. Perfmatters

Starting from 24.95$ a year, Perfmatters takes a different approach to improve speed to others on this list. WordPress by default has certain options enabled that aren’t necessary for most sites and slow down improvement. Perfmatters can disable these options with just a click of a few buttons.

The plugin also works by disabling certain scripts that slow down your site’s performance on a per-page basis.

Some of its other features include being a lightweight plug-in, Rest API control, Heartbeat control and it supports advanced performance-boosting functionality such as DNS prefetch and pre-connect.


Nitropack is much more than just WordPress plugins, it’s a complete speed performance-optimizing platform.

The idea behind the platform is to simplify the process of speeding up websites, instead of using several different plug-ins and having to manually decide what to optimize, NitroPack optimizes everything for you.

Some of Its features include DNS prefetching, various catching types, automatic image optimization, and Defer JS loading.

4. WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache one of the free WordPress plugins with a focus on catching. It’s easy to use and comes with a great set of features.

This Plug-in has found the middle ground between being too basic and being too advanced to use and understand.

The WordPress Plugins is used by over 1 million people and receives great review WordPress reviews.

Some of its features include minifying CSS and HTML, CDN integration, setting expiration times.

5. Cache Enabler

Cache enabler is a lightweight caching plug-in that you can set up in just a few minutes.

It comes with the option to set the cache expiry time, minification setup, and a few other options. It’s a sparse plug-in compared to others but that’s the idea behind it.

Some of its other features include, 1-click to clear cache and setting cache behavior.

6. WP Super Cache

Wp Super cache is free and it’s one of the most widely used plug-ins for WordPress. It’s straightforward and simple to set up but has some settings for advanced users which can be used to get more out of the plug-in.

Its features include CDN support, cache support, serve static Html files, and support for multiple caching types.

7. W3 Total Cache

W3 is another free, popular plug-in, it goes beyond being a simple caching plug-in.

This plug-in is not to easiest to set up but there’s a huge array of options and various caching methods that are supported.

Its features include minifying, CDN Support, browser caching, database caching, object caching, and many more.

8. WP Super Minify

The idea of this free plug-in is to minify JS, HTML, and CSS files so that they can be compressed and served to visitors in a way that reduces website loading times.

WP Super Minify gives you the option to disable compression of JavaScript and/or CSS just in case there are any conflicts.

9. WP Smush.It

WP Smush. It is based on Yahoo Smush, a service that is used to optimize images and remove unnecessary bytes from image files.

Its features include optimizing JPEG compression, stripping un-used color from images, and stripping metadata from jpegs.

10. LazyLoad by WP Rocket

The idea of “LazyLoading” is those specific elements are only loaded when they are needed. One interesting feature is that you can replace your youtube Iframes with preview thumbnails. This Plug-in is free too.