How To: Living a Low Carbon Lifestyle

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What is a low carbon lifestyle?

Your carbon footprint might be larger than you think, but how do you reduce it? it’s a lot easier than you think. Living a low carbon lifestyle can be great for both the environment and your energy bills.

Here are some tips to change your lifestyle into a more eco-loving one.

1. Low Carbon meals

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Choose fresh, organic produce. Buying Fruit and vegetables that are in season is much kinder to the environment and tastes absolutely delicious. Growing your own veg is also a great way to decrease the carbon footprint of your food.

Reducing your food waste also makes a huge difference to a low carbon lifestyle, plan your meals ahead and only buy what you know you will use and freeze any leftovers.

2. Walk, Bike, Or Take The Bus

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Transport including cars and planes emit huge amounts of pollution. If you’re looking to change to a more low carbon lifestyle, consider using low carbon transport like buses. You can even cycle and walk which will improve your health at the same time you’re doing your bit for the environment.

The most environmentally damaging form of travel is air travel. If you always go abroad for your holidays, how about swapping a few for ones in the UK. If you do travel to another country you could always consider offsetting your carbon emissions.

3. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle


we humans waste a hell of a lot, being mindful of how much we’re wasting can really benefit the environment.

One way you can begin to reduce the amount you waste is to choose longer-lasting products. These products can range from reusable straws to reusable coffee cups. You could also choose to go paperless where you can; you’ll find that many companies are going paperless now.

Before you throw anything away, consider whether or not it could be reused. Anything that is broken, you could have a go at fixing. Donate unwanted items at charity shops.

4. Reduce Your Water Usage

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There are some minimal changes you can make to your daily routine to make an impact on greenhouse gas emissions. You can do this by taking shorter showers and turning the tap off when you brush your teeth or wash your dishes. You could even go a step further and install water-saving devices to save both water and energy.

5. Upgrade Light Bulbs

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Switch to energy-efficient LED light bulbs to make your lighting more environmentally friendly. LED light bulbs use less electricity and last longer than incandescent bulbs — saving energy and reducing the number of bulbs sent to landfills.

From small tweaks to your daily routine to bigger lifestyle changes, there are many ways to reduce your carbon emissions and achieve a low carbon lifestyle.

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