10 Ways To Start Your Day Feeling Positive

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Why feeling positive is needed

Mornings can signify the start of something new, some people are early birds and love rolling out of bed at the crack of dawn, others hate the sound of their alarm blaring and the sunlight seeping through the curtains. Starting the day in a good mood can be hard before you drag your groggy self out of bed and have your first cup of coffee of the day.

Starting your day off feeling positive can truly make or break your day and it’s important you take steps to make sure you’re beginning the day with a positive can-do attitude. Studies show that when you begin your day in a positive mood, it increases the chances of you remaining happy throughout the rest of the day.

Do you despise the morning grind? it doesn’t have to be all get up and go as soon as your feet touch the floor. There are ways to incorporate one of these ten habits into your morning routine for a happier, more productive day, without leaving the cozy comfort of your blankets right away.

Here are some useful and fool proof habits that you can start incorporating into your routine right now.

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1. Take a moment for personal gratitude

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most of us have done it, we’ve checked ourselves in the mirror first thing in the morning and didn’t like what we saw. It’s easy to beat yourself up and think negatively of yourself when your body and mind haven’t adjusted to the morning yet. Why not list 5 things you like about yourself? maybe you make a great pasta sauce, maybe you’re kind and caring, maybe you have a lovely smile. You could even list some people or things you’re grateful for like a close friend or a family pet.

Studies show that people who express gratitude about their lives feel more optimistic and happier about their lives overall. Interestingly enough, these people tend to visit doctors much less than the average person. This shows there is a strong link between personal attitude and overall health.

2. Give Yourself Some TLC

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Diet has a huge impact on our health and wellbeing, not just our physical health too but our mental health. A healthy breakfast like a smoothie of fruits and some plain yogurt can do wonders for your mood. You could even make a cup of coffee to go with it and bring it back to bed with you with one of your favourite books. Perhaps you like to watch your favourite show in the morning, get yourself comfy, and treat your body to some TLC.

Doing something you enjoy alongside eating a good, healthy, breakfast will set the tone for the rest of the day.

3. Get Mentally Organised

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Do you wake up with a thousand and one thoughts buzzing away in your head? perhaps you’re worried about the school run or a work meeting. Getting yourself mentally organized and prepared is key to a less stressful day, Writing down your tasks in a journal for each day will give you more clarity on what you’re setting out to do. That way you won’t be walking around panicky and bird-brained forgetting things that are important to you.

4. Stretch

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You might be thinking you have to jump out of bed and do 20 press-ups to start the day right, you couldn’t be more wrong!. Stretching in bed is a great way to wake up without exerting yourself, stretching in bed and practicing your breathing techniques for just a few minutes releases dopamine, improves your mood, your self-esteem, and boosts your energy.

5. Plan something fun to look forward to

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Waking up without anything to look forward to for when you finish the day can feel pretty depressing. Maybe you’re working all day or perhaps you have a busy schedule, why not call a friend and ask them if they want to hang out with you when you’ve finished your daily tasks?. You don’t have to do anything with anyone else to have fun either, maybe you have a hobby you like to pick up for leisure, you could do that too. Anything that you want to do for fun, make sure you plan it before you leave the house.

Studies show that anticipating something exciting can bring you just as much excitement as the event itself.

6. Get enough Sleep

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To implement new healthy habits, you need to begin with a well-rested body and mind. Much of how you feel when you wake is dependent on how well you slept the night before. If you’ve been waking up irritable, grumpy, and fatigued then your sleeping habits might not be up to scratch.

Sleep is vital for healthy brain function and maintaining your physical wellbeing. Ongoing sleep deficiency can result in having adverse effects on your health. It’s linked to depression, it can impact the way you work and learn and, over time, can even impact your life expectancy. The need for sleep varies for every individual, but as a general rule, you should at least be getting 6–8 hours of sleep every night.

If you are struggling to get to sleep at night, there are plenty of different methods to try out to help you drift off. Personally, I find podcasts at a low volume from my Alexa very helpful. Other methods include removing blue light (Phones or TVs) from your bedtime routine at least an hour before you get into bed. Hot milky drinks also work wonders. It’s always good to check with a doctor for any underlying problems if the problem persists.

7. Leave Your Phone Alone For A Little While

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If you’re reaching for your phone as soon as your eyes are open checking work emails or replying to messages, you are doing yourself a disservice. Give yourself time in the morning to reflect on the day ahead. By using your phone as soon as you’ve woke up, you are setting yourself up for a reactive mindset instead of a proactive one.

Try and remain detached from your phone for the first hour of your day to focus on your positive mindset.

8. Drink Water

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Going hours without drinking anything can leave you waking up parched. Drinking a glass of water with some lemon is a great and refreshing way to hydrate yourself in the morning.

The Ayurvedic technique of adding lemon to a glass of warm water helps remove toxins from your digestive tract that may have built up overnight, provides a good source of vitamin C, freshens your breath, supports weight loss, and stimulates metabolism and digestion.

9. Make Your Bed

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You might think it’s a waste of time making your bed in the mornings as you’re only gonna crawl back in it and mess it up again when you go back to bed. However, making your bed every day leaves you starting the day feeling accomplished. Starting the day completing little tasks like this makes it easier for you to face bigger ones over the course of your day.

There’s nothing better than getting back into a nice, clean, tidy bed too.

10. Self Care

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Looking after and taking pride in your appearance improves your self-confidence. When you feel put together it’s one less thing to worry about during the day.

Brush your hair and your teeth, floss, moisturize, and dress to impress. Maybe you have a nice watch or a necklace that you love to wear, put it on and watch your confidence rise.