GhostCMS- 5 Things That Make It A Great Platform For Bloggers

GhostCMS Page Layout

What is GhostCMS?

GhostCMS is a lightweight alternative to WordPress for blogging and the most popular headless CMS. Many big names like Apple, Nasa, Mozilla, and Digital Ocean use Ghost for their blogging platform. it is a minimalistic blogging platform that lets you focus only on writing without distraction. Essentially, GhostCMS is made to create a publishing platform.

WordPress has a bulky core and it is more than just a blogging platform, Ghost was launched as an alternative that focuses solely on blogging. For more information about blogging with Ghost, check out our article on how to get started.

Here are 5 great things that make GhostCMS a great platform for bloggers.

GhostCMS has excellent built-in SEO options, what makes it clever is that you don’t have to install any extra load to the CMS for SEO. Some of the built-in options for SEO include Structured data, AMP, RSS, and Sitemaps. These are all reasons why Ghost is so suitable for minimal blogging.

2. Themes And Customisation

A good theme grabs users’ attention and makes your website stand out from the crowd. It is important to use an interactive and good-looking design on your website. Ghost has multiple themes which are completely responsive and beautiful, they are also minimal and optimized for distraction-free reading.

3. Integrations

Integrations are like lightweight plug-in systems that add several different services to your site. GhostCMS have built-in integrations to hundreds of services and the best part is you can also customise them. There are integrations for Disqus, Google Analytics, Stripe for payments, Slack, AMP, and many other useful services.

4. Easy Import From WordPress

Ghost has a dedicated plug-in that you can install directly in WordPress to export data. It is only a two-step process to completely migrate from WordPress to Ghost. You can literally do it in a matter of a few clicks, which saves time and effort.

5. Speed

Ghost is a lightweight alternative to WordPress to focus only on blogging. This has a big speed advantage. It runs on modern technologies like Node.js, which makes GhostCMS ultra fast. Speed is a very important factor for SEO, here Ghost gets an additional SEO benefit with speed. It is also easy to scale up GhostCMS for millions of users.