Top 5 Eco-Friendly Hosting Providers

climate change for eco-friendly hosting

What is Eco-Friendly Hosting?

Otherwise known as “Green-hosting”, Eco-friendly hosting is designed to be environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. It refers to web hosts that actively try to carry out initiatives that mitigate the impact on the environment. Below are the top 5 Eco-friendly hosting providers.

1. GreenGeeks

By using energy-efficient hardware for their servers and having close ties with companies in the environmental business to purchase wind energy credits, GreenGeeks go the extra mile in the Green Hosting industry.

CEO, Trey Gardner, says “The web hosting industry can be held accountable and can change course but only if consumers choose to go green and force other companies in the industry to do the right thing and become eco-friendly.”

2. A2 Hosting

In the last 10 years, A2Hosting’s carbon emissions offset donations to which has resulted in the neutralization of nearly 2.3 million pounds of greenhouse gasses. This is equivalent to planting 27,000 trees.

As well as this, A2 Hosting has also partnered with the organization to purchase carbon offsets which allows Carbonfund to invest in sources of clean, renewable sources of energy on a global scale.

3. HostPapa

In the company’s own words, “Whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, webmaster, or blogger, you’re also a consumer of energy and energy products and services. Every kilowatt-hour of power that you use, including running your website, has an effect on the rest of the world.”

HostPapa has been buying RECS to power their data centers, web servers, office computers, laptops, and even office space. They run on renewable energy and have decided to specifically support solar and wind energy to help reduce the impact of their carbon footprint in the world.

4. Acorn Host

When the company first decided to do its bit for the environment, Acorn Host started out by offering discounted plans that benefitted non-profit organizations, some of them including green-orientated groups. The company has since bought RECS to cover the energy they use to run their servers, offices, and other equipment.

5. Brightwork

Brightwork is a new internet marketing business based in Barrow In Furness, the company’s mission is to host low-carbon websites help the environment, and even go outside and plant trees. Brightwork also uses a percentage of every purchase to fund sustainable projects that aim to recover the damage done to the planet by carbon emissions.