10 Great Marketing Tools for 2022 

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Great marketing tools are essential for a marketing team to be successful. Listed below are 10 must-have tools for any marketing team.

1. BIQ 

One of the most effective and useful marketing tools is BIQ. BIQ is an all-in-1 SEO tool that a great SEO rank checking, rank data, and keyword research and is the first suite to demonstrate pricing as well as being the world’s first digital marketing tool to let users pay for only what they use, therefore you get full control over what you spend. 

BIQ’s Keywork Intelligence allows you to gather important data on keyword trends, keyword competition, and more. In addition to this, BIQ’s Rank Intelligence allows you to identify keywords that are worth tracking and using on your website. This can be highly helpful for content creators struggling to find keywords to track actively. 

2. Google Analytics

With Google Analytics being one the top free digital marketing tools from Google makes it one of the most useful tools to have as part of your digital marketing strategy if you know what you’re doing. For example, Google Analytics lets you track every action made by every visitor on your website.

You can use information such as one of your social media campaigns is driving a lot of traffic to your website, you can then adjust your future digital marketing strategies to capture similar results in other marketing campaigns.

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3. Google Ads 

This popular option is based on a pay-per-call or pay-by-click structure. Google Ads is a useful way to display products and services on Google SERPs for queries and provides one of the best advertising platforms online for advertisers to bid on performing keywords. 

4. KISSmetrics 

KISSmetrics allows you to track, analyze and optimize all your digital marketing performances as well as allows you to know what’s doing well in your content marketing strategies and what’s not. This is because it’s better to make marketing strategies that are actually doing well have a real impact on your objectives. 

Although KISSmetrics doesn’t come cheap, starting at $120 per month, It’s one of the more effective marketing tools to get your business up and running and can help increase conversions through your entire website.

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5. Trello 

This is most definitely one of the best organizational tools to help you and your marketing team manage projects and help your team stay on the same page throughout the project. Therefore, prevents time-wasting and frustration. 

It also allows you to share blog posts and content before publishing them to allow your team to review the post and share their thought to make any necessary changes to improve your content. 

6. AWeber 

AWeber is another very reliable digital marketing tool and provides a wide range of features that help the growth of your business. This also benefits from generating automated email sequences, pre-designed email templates, list management, email tracking, and much more. 

AWeber is one of the best email marketing tools to help increase your email list. Another reason this is so effective is that it also provides professional email newsletters to your target audience. 

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7. Wistia 

Wistia is a video hosting website and is known for allowing its users to create professional videos in minutes using advanced tools to help all content creators make the best videos for their marketing campaign. It is basically the video marketing software to use in your video marketing strategies and gives you control over who can use and post your videos. 

The digital marketing and analytics features help marketers make the most out of their video marketing campaigns and optimizes all your videos or better ranking on Google SERPs.

8. Canva 

Canva is one of many great marketing tools as it allows you to create optimised images using customer pictures, shapes, fonts, and icons. This web-based design tool is pleasing to the eye and makes it simple to design, but you can also get creative with it. 

Canva is very easy to use and beginner-friendly because of its templates tool and unique vast image collection, as well as text, font, and elements that can then be edited. 

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9. Hootsuite 

Hootsuite is great for managing all your social media channels on one platform. This would benefit any business as social media plays a huge part in companies success regardless of the industry. 

This tool allows you to schedule all your posts in advance, saving time for other important things that need doing. Furthermore, the analytics tool allows you to identify leads for your sales team and prospect influencers for your marketing team. 

10. Slack 

If you’re looking for an analytics tool to focus all your conversions in one place, Slack is the platform to use. It includes integrations and several other tools to help marketers get through an unlimited amount of integration and allows you to join or leave channels whenever you want. Slack is also a great way to network with other digital marketers. 

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