Canva: Top 10 Amazing Features For Design Teams


What is Canva?

Canva is an online creation platform that is built for design specifically, it’s ideal for individual creators and small businesses who might not have the design skills or have access to a designer. Here are the top ten features of using it to design.

1. Magic Resizing 

So you might be in a muddle when you have found the perfect template for your design; the only problem is that it’s an Instagram story template and not an Instagram post template. With Canva’s Magic Resizing, it’s as easy as ever to transform any of your designs into a new shape or size in just one click.

You can Locate the Resize tab at the top-left of your design and then select what you’d like it to transform into, or you can apply your own custom sizing. Next, either copy and resize your design to open it in a new tab, or select Resize, to transform your existing design. 

2. Change The Whole Colour Pallet 

Changing the whole color pallet of your design can be time-consuming, with Canva, it takes no time at all. 

Select the element you want to change the color of and choose your new color. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the option to Change All. This will change all the elements from the old color to the new color. If your design has multiple pages or a lot of elements in the same color, then this is a lifesaver. 

3. Brand Kits

If you find yourself designing graphics for different companies or have several color palettes that you need to switch between, then Canva’s brand kits are the best way to keep everything organized and on-brand.

From your Home screen, locate Brand Kits in the left-hand side Tools menu. Here, you’ll see an overview of all your existing pallets. To add one, select Add Brand Kit in the top right-hand corner. From here, you’ll be able to upload logos, choose your brand colors, and even set your preferred fonts.

4. Free Templates 

One of the most valuable features of Canva is its library of templates. Need a social media graphic showing your opening hours? Don’t waste time making one from scratch; grab a template and edit it to fit it into your brand. 

To find a template, head to the Templates tab at the top left-hand side of your screen. Then either search for whatever it is you’re looking for or browse all the designs. Simply select your chosen template to apply it to your page.

5. Background Remover Tool

If you’re currently editing out the background of your images in software such as Photoshop before uploading them to Canva, you can now skip this step by using Canva’s Background Remover Tool.

Start by uploading your image into Canva, then select it to open Image Options. From the top of your screen, select Edit Image and choose Background Remover. Canva will then remove the background from your image. If it misses a spot, simply use the Erase and Restore tools to adjust the results and select apply.

6. Tidy Up Feature

Have you ever spent way too much time trying to evenly space several elements? Now you don’t have to, because the Canva tidy-up feature is here to help. 

From within a design, simply highlight several elements, like text for example. Navigate to position on the right-hand side of your design dashboard and select “Tidy up” under the “Space Evenly” section. 

7. Smartmockups

The Canva Smartmockups allows users to create custom, eye-catching product mockups using iPhone, iPad, desktop, and laptop computer screens.

Simply navigate to the ‘Effects” tab while you have an image selected. From there, select the Canva Smartmockups app from the list of options and choose your favorite to get started making awesome mockups for your business products.

8. Shadow Effect

The Shadow Effect allows users to add a blurred shadow to many objects and images giving them depth and a more realistic look. Previously, you could only use such a feature in Photoshop. 

The Shadow Effect can be found under the “Effects” tab while designing in CanvaPro. 

9. Lock Elements

You can save yourself a ton of time by using the Canva lock elements tool. This Canva hidden feature is so easy to use, you’ll be surprised you never knew about it. 

While designing in Canva, simply select the tiny lock in the right-hand corner of your design dashboard. With it enabled, you’ll be able to move unlocked elements around without disrupting any elements you want to stay in place. 

10. Curved Text Generator

The Canva Curved Text Generator is a new addition to Canva Pro, and one that many designers have been hoping they would add. What’s more, the Canva Curved Text Generator tool now allows you to use the other text effects simultaneously to create endless design possibilities. 

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