10 Habits of Highly Successful People

highly successful people on laptop

It’s easy for people to think success is just a product of luck. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it can be down to luck but if you know a highly successful person they’ll usually have very distinct characteristics and have specific habits they stick to.

Here are 10 habits of highly successful people.

1. Organisation

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The habit you’re most likely to see and hear about is organisation. Highly successful people are always setting goals whether that’s short-term or long-term.

Joel Brown, the founder of, calls for a prioritized ‘to-do list” every evening before going to bed to prepare for the next day.

2. Relaxation

If you think being successful is all about the get-up and go you might want to think again, self-care is a big part of a successful person’s schedule. Relaxing activities like enjoying a bubble bath putting their feet up and reading a book are all part of self-care.

Sometimes it’s simply about being present and taking a breath for 3 to 4 minutes this is a way of preparing their minds and bodies for all the effort they put into their day-to-day life.

3. Early Rising

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There is no room for the snooze button in a successful person’s schedule. Successful people are accustomed to rising early and having more time to get stuff done.

Some examples of early risers include Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Company, Disney CEO Robert Iger, and former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.

4. Personal Care

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4th on our list is personal care. A good, healthy, and varied diet, exercise, and good personal hygiene are all important for a happy body and a happy mind. The better your mind and body function, the better your ideas and motivation will become.

For some, personal care can be complex and regimented, for others, for example, Elon Musk (Tesla CEO), it can be simply “showering”.

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5. Positive Attitude

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Think about the last time you had to do something you didn’t want to do. Did you moan and groan and think the worst? or did you think of all the good things that could come out of the experience and go in feeling brave and positive?. You’re much more likely to have a happier, more successful outcome if you think positively and try and stay mentally strong.

Joel Brown refers to gratitude and positive self-talk as priorities in the lives of the ultra-successful. He also continued to say “you must also remind yourself why you are grateful in order to achieve a deeper effect.”

6. Networking

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Another important habit of a successful person is networking. They know the value of collaborating with others and sharing ideas. Teamwork is so important especially when other successful people are involved.

Thomas Corley says “79% of wealthy people spend at least 5 hours a month networking.”

7. Reading

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Former dot com business executive, Seth Godin says “It’s not an accident that successful people read more books”. While successful people can read for pleasure, most use their habit of reading to gain insight and more knowledge.

8. They Avoid Time-Wasters

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You might think money is the only real resource of a successful person but time is just as important.

They avoid wasting their time on anyone or anything that doesn’t bring any value to their life and goals. Time is seen as an investment and people who don’t see it as an investment generally aren’t as successful as their counterparts.

They’re choosy about the amount of time they spend on apps like Netflix and social media.

9. They spend time with people who inspire them

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Successful people always have highly motivated people in their personal network. Think about it, if you wanted to be successful with something you wouldn’t surround yourself with lazy, negative people if you wanted to gain inspiration.

A good way to expand your personal network is to go volunteering places, this is a great way to meet other positive and motivated individuals.

10. They get enough sleep

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Sleep deprivation can have serious effects on our ability to perform everyday tasks. Have you ever had to get up early after only getting a few hours’ sleep? you most likely had brain fog and were noticeably less on the ball than you would be had you had a full night’s kip.

An overwhelming 89% of self-made millionaires get at least 7–8 hours of sleep or more each night. Sleep is absolutely critical to use our memory and creativity to the best of our abilities.