5 Mind-blowing AI Projects Worth Keeping An Eye On In 2022

typewriter displaying AI project.

What are AI Projects?

In the past, artificial intelligence has been mainly experimental, this year might just be the year it goes from being essential to experimental.

Artificial intelligence is set to continue being the most transformative type of technology humanity has ever developed.

According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, its impact will be even greater than fire or that of electricity on our development as a species. While it seems like a bold and ambitious statement, AI is already assisting in fighting climate change, exploring space, and developing treatments for cancer the future looks bright for the developing technology.

Below are some great AI projects to watch out for this year.

1. AI And The Metaverse

The Metaverse is a new AI Project created by Facebook CEO (now known as Meta) is a concept announced by Mark Zuckerberg in 2021. AI will without a doubt be at the forefront of the metaverse. The Metaverse is the name given for a unified persistent digital environment, where users can work or play together. Imagine a virtual world just like the internet but with the emphasis on enabling immersive experiences, created by the users themselves.

AI will assist in helping to create online environments where humans will feel at home and have their creative impulses nurtured. AI will most likely be able to help with tasks we’re there to do or just be like a partner for when we want to unwind a play a game of sports or tennis.

2. Autonomous Vehicles

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AI is set to revolutionize travel and will guide the new age of autonomous cars, boats, and aircraft over the coming decade.

Tesla says by the end of 2022, its cars will be able to demonstrate full self-driving capability. Although they may not be available for general use yet, this is a massive step in the future of autonomous travel.

Tesla’s competition will be Waymo (created by Google), Apple, GM, and Ford.

3. AI In Cybersecurity

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In 2021, The World Economic Forum identified cybercrime potentially posing more of a significant threat to society than terrorism. As machines and technology are becoming a bigger part of everyday life than ever before, the increase in hacking and cybercrimes is constantly rising. This AI project works by analysing network traffic and learning to recognize patterns that suggest nefarious intentions, smart algorithms are increasingly playing a role in keeping us all safe.

4. The Augmented Workforce

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There has always been a fear surrounding the use of AI projects in the workplace and worries that it will eventually completely replace human workers leaving people redundant. However, as companies navigate the process of creating data and AI-literate cultures within their teams, we will increasingly find ourselves working with or alongside machines that use smart and cognitive functionality to boost our own abilities and skills.

5. Bigger and Better Language Modelling

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Language modeling is the process that allows machines to understand and communicate with us in the language we understand. We have recently seen the release of GPT- 3 by Open AI which is the most advanced (and largest) language model ever created, consisting of around 175 billion “parameters”- variables and datapoints that machines can use to process language.

Open AI is known to be working on a new successor, GPT-4 that will be even more powerful. The details aren’t yet confirmed but some estimate it may be 500 times larger than GPT-3 and may bring us a big step closer to being able to create language and hold conversations that are indistinguishable from those of humans.