5 Examples of Powerful Facebook Ads

Why are Facebook ads useful?

Facebook ads are one of the most vital and fundamental parts of running a business in the online world. If you know a few tricks to make sure you’re showcasing the best of your brand, it can help massively with branching out and reaching new and existing customers. Below are five different examples of some Facebook ads we believe do exactly what they’re supposed to and more.

person using Facebook ads


This is a great example of high-impact advertising; it captures the very essence of what they are selling which is mountain bike clothing. Live-action shots like this are much more effective than an advert showing the same clothing on a plain white canvas for example. It’s much more inviting to the audience that they are targeting to create an advert showcasing the range in the great outdoors, where the gear will most likely be used. It’s bright, colorful, and overall, a professional-looking photo, the caption is also short and snappy and uses emojis to appeal to their audience like a cool and fresh brand.

2. Scholl Shoes Global

This advert is another perfect example of effective advertising. The advert not only shows the shoes but instead presents a focused view of the quality of the material used inside of them. It’s far from shy, and presents its audience with honesty, and allows customers to have a good inspection without physically seeing them first. Another good element they have incorporated in this advert is the “Visit Instagram” feature which links to their Instagram feed that showcases an impressive array of various professional photos of different styles of shoes.

3. Fender

Number three is Fender, I particularly like this advert because of the use of language. It’s direct and bold and addresses the audience with a personal touch using phrases such as “You’re a player the minute you pick up a guitar” this is very encouraging and appealing to potential customers who are looking to buy their first guitar or are beginners inability. They opted to use video and it is exciting and inspiring and shows off the guitar being played in a live setting. It tells the customer exactly what sort of style of music the guitar works best with and all of the intricate details of what makes this guitar different from other electric guitars.

The Climate Coalition

The use of imagery is greatly effective in this advert as well as the color scheme and messaging. The use of the thermometer next to the globe is in your face and a stark reminder of the threat global warming poses. There is also an option to sign a petition and shows the number of other people has also joined which is a clever and persuasive tool, people love to follow trends — and we believe this is a trend you should follow.

DB Wider Fit Shoes

A customer testimony is a great way to advertise especially if it’s a very specific market you’re aiming to reach ( like this company with shoes for problematic or wide feet). This makes the products you are selling more trustworthy thus increasing the likelihood of an increase in sales. the caption also includes a 10% discount as well as a code for customers to use when shopping directly.